Book appointments with one member of a team

Assign your appointments made on your team booking pages to a single specific or random team member.

Randomly assign the appointment

Create a booking page that aggregates the availability of all team members. Offer a maximum of available slots to your customers and prospects.

By connecting their calendars to their Vyte account, Vyte will automatically identify and display slots where at least one team member is available.

Make an appointment with a random team member

You can also set default appointment locations based on the team member to whom the appointment is assigned, in case not all team members can manage their meetings in the same location. Vyte will then automatically take the default locations from the Vyte page of the team member assigned to the appointment, whether physical or online.

Define the appointment location according to the team member

If several team members are available in the same slot, Vyte will assign the appointment to the one who has had the fewest appointments from this page.

Feel free to contact us to implement more complex assignment rules.

Choose your preferred team member

Allow your guests to book an appointment with a specific team member for more specific needs (e.g. a customer wants to book an appointment with his or her assigned sales person).

By leaving the choice of the team member on the team page, Vyte will allow to select the desired person thanks to a drop-down menu which, following the selection of the member, will automatically adapt the availability and location of the appointment page to the specific parameters of the person.

Choice of the team member

Learn more about booking appointments with one team member.

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