Schedule appointments with one team member

Maximize your appointment scheduling capacity by combining the availability of all your team members.

With powerful scheduling features perfect for planning and managing appointments within your teams!

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Connect your invitees to the right person

Find your teammates' availabilities in no-time

Connect any type of calendar thanks to our many calendar integrations (Google, Office 365, and more...).

Make sure your meetings happen at the right place

If each of your team members have a preferred meeting location (vision-conference link, meeting room), Vyte automatically sets the appointment on the prefered location of the member assigned it.

Keep an eye on your teams' appointments

Vyte makes it easy to keep track of your teammates schedule from a very intuitive calendar view.

Create a smooth onboarding experience for your teams by setting up their Vyte accounts

Creating accounts and pages for your team members is a breeze with Vyte. In just a few minutes, you can create account and page templates for your organization to streamline and accelerate the setup process.

Display the available slots of a specific teammate

Let people choose who from the team they want to meet with through a dropdown menu. The booking page will automatically adapt to the availabilities of the person selected.
Vyte Invitees

Display slots as soon as a teammate is available

Assign the meetings randomly through a round-robin system. Maximize your team's availabilities by offering more available slots sooner to your invitees.
Vyte Invitees

Qualify your invitee before assigning the appointment

Define attribution rules in a team booking form to connect your invitees to the most qualified team member based on the invitee's answers on the booking form.
Vyte Invitees

Discover also our features for appointments with a whole team

Some of our Pro features that make Vyte a powerful scheduling solution

Synchronize all types of online calendars

Share your availability by synchronizing your personal calendars to Vyte (Google Calendar, Office 365, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, CalDAV, ICS).

Define your availabilities for appointments

Share the times you are open to making appointments so that your guests can book a meeting with you only on your availability and preferences.

Easily schedule videoconference meetings

Vyte automatically generates virtual meeting rooms once the appointment is confirmed on an online location.

Set default duration for meetings

Make sure you have the right amount of time for all of your meetings by defining the default duration for all of your appointment types.

Learn more about your guests before the meeting

Ask for essential information about your guest (phone number, company, etc.) right from the booking page.

Create booking forms

Collect essential information on the profile and needs of your invitees through a reservation form.

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