Be prepared for all your appointments with our booking forms

Learn in advance the necessary information of your invitees by asking them the right questions prior to the meeting through a booking form.

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Collect the information you need before each appointment

Don't worry about missing any information you need before your appointments. By setting up a booking form, your customers will give you these answers themselves when booking their appointment.

Easily find the information collected

Collect and store information from your invitees with ease. The answers to the form are listes on the appointment page, appointment invitations and confirmation emails.

Be ready for your team meetings

Create forms for your team booking pages to find the best person to take that appointment.

Instantly find the most qualified person or team to take the appointment

Assign the appointment to the most qualified person of the team based on the answers to the form. Set up assignment rules for your teams and/or their members.

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All our Pro Features to implement a powerful scheduling solution

Custom Branding
Customise the look and feel by adding your logo and background image
Mandatory Invitee
Set a mandatory invitee who has to vote in order for the event to be confirmed
Time-Zone Recognition
Vyte will detect the time zone of your invitees or you can select a specific time-zone for your meetings
Advanced settings
Create custom fields in your Vyte Page to ask extra information of your invitees
API friendly
Vyte has a comprehensive API documentation so you can create and customise the behaviour within your app
Assistant Password
Give access to your Vyte account without giving access to your Google/Office 365 account