Be prepared for all your appointments with booking forms

Learn in advance the necessary information of your invitees by asking them the right questions prior to the meeting through a booking form.

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Collect the information you need before each appointment

Don't worry about missing any information you need before your appointments. By setting up a booking form, your customers will give you these answers themselves when booking their appointment.

Easily find the information collected

Collect and store information from your invitees with ease. The answers to the form are listes on the appointment page, appointment invitations and confirmation emails.

A better workflow for your teams

Create forms for your team booking pages to find the best person to take that appointment.

Instantly find the most qualified person or team to take the appointment

Assign the appointment to the most qualified person of the team based on the answers to the form. Set up assignment rules for your teams and/or their members.

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Some of our Pro features that make Vyte a powerful scheduling solution

Synchronize all types of online calendars

Share your availability by synchronizing your personal calendars to Vyte (Google Calendar, Office 365, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, CalDAV, ICS).

Define your availabilities for appointments

Share the times you are open to making appointments so that your guests can book a meeting with you only on your availability and preferences.

Easily schedule videoconference meetings

Vyte automatically generates virtual meeting rooms once the appointment is confirmed on an online location.

Set default duration for meetings

Make sure you have the right amount of time for all of your meetings by defining the default duration for all of your appointment types.

Custom design

Create a personalized booking experience for your brand's color by setting up your logo, background image, and colors.

Create appointment types

Optimize your meetings management and personalize your customers' experience by offering multiple booking pages based on the different types of appointments you take on.

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