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Schedule your meetings simply

Vyte Suggest Dates

1. Suggest dates options for the event

Suggest dates and places of your choice according to your availability and preferences
Vyte Invitees

2. Invite Participants to the meeting

You can invite participants by email or simply with a link so they can select their preferences
Vyte Confirm event

3. Confirm the best option

Once the votes are in, you can confirm with a simple click and everyone is notified

All our Pro Features to implement a powerful scheduling solution

Custom Branding
Customise the look and feel by adding your logo and background image

Mandatory Invitee

Set a mandatory invitee who has to vote in order for the event to be confirmed

Time-Zone Recognition

Vyte will detect the time zone of your invitees or you can select a specific time-zone for your meetings

Advanced settings

Create custom fields in your Vyte Page to ask extra information of your invitees

API friendly

Vyte has a comprehensive API documentation so you can create and customise the behaviour within your app

Assistant Password

Give access to your Vyte account without giving access to your Google/Office 365 account

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