Easier schedule management with appointment types

Categorize your meetings by appointment types for a simpler booking experience for you and your invitees!

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Set up your meetings by setting up appointment types

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1. Set up event types

Create appointment types by defining a URL link, a configuration and your availabilities according to your preferences.
Vyte Invitees

2. Define public or private appointment types

You will be able to set up public and private appointment types in order to keep control over your availabilities.
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3. Share a booking Hub

Your booking page will then be able to transform itself into a Hub that will display your public appointment types.

Some of our Pro features that make Vyte a powerful scheduling solution

Synchronize all types of online calendars

Share your availability by synchronizing your personal calendars to Vyte (Google Calendar, Office 365, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, CalDAV, ICS).

Define your availabilities for appointments

Share the times you are open to making appointments so that your guests can book a meeting with you only on your availability and preferences.

Easily schedule videoconference meetings

Vyte automatically generates virtual meeting rooms once the appointment is confirmed on an online location.

Restrict access to your booking pages

Set your appointment types as private so that they can only be accessed by the people you have shared the URL with.

Team appointment types

Organize and assign appointments for your teams. Schedule appointments for all team members or just one team member based on their specialization.

Make your appointment scheduling hub available

Make your booking pages more accessible by turning your Vyte page into a Hub that will list all your appointment types.

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