Microsoft Bookings vs Vyte

Microsoft Bookings serves as a useful addition to your MS Office 365 for scheduling appointments. However, with Vyte, you can automate every aspect of your scheduling process.
In the domain of appointment scheduling tools,  Microsoft Bookings is recognized for its robust capabilities. While Microsoft Bookings is dependable, Vyte introduces distinctive features that enhance the scheduling experience. Let's delve into the exclusive features Vyte offers, setting it apart from Microsoft Bookings. Discover how Vyte's comprehensive automation can significantly save you time, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best without the hassle of manual appointment scheduling.
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Google Synchronisation

Vyte allows you to seamlessly connect multiple calendars, including Google Agenda, iCloud, and CalDAV. With Vyte, you're not limited to just one calendar – enjoy the flexibility of managing all your schedules in one place.
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Payment Integration

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing appointments and payments separately – Vyte's all-in-one scheduling tool integrates seamlessly with Stripe, offering a user-friendly experience that benefits both you and your clients.
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Round Robin Scheduling

The round-robin feature proves invaluable when a client doesn't have a designated advisor yet. Vyte automatically assigns clients to team members with the least number of appointments, optimizing efficiency and client satisfaction.
Vyte Suggest Dates

Branding 360°

Branding is the cherry on top that sets you apart from the competition. With a variety of personalisation options, Vyte ensures that your booking page reflects the uniqueness of your company, leaving a lasting impression on your clients.