Vyte vs Calendly

Vyte emerges as the European alternative to the US-based Calendly, seamlessly integrating a user-friendly interface with heightened productivity features.
Calendly, a prominent US-based software, is widely recognized for its efficient one-to-one scheduling capabilities. With Calendly, you can easily create a personalized scheduling page, seamlessly connect your calendars, and set your weekly availability preferences.

The process is straightforward: you share your scheduling link with anyone requesting a meeting, they select an available time, and an email confirmation is automatically sent to all participants.

Now, let's explore how Vyte distinguishes itself from Calendly:

1. Vyte is made in Europe

Vyte is founded and based in the City of Love, Paris, with our data securely stored within France. As a European company, we diligently adhere to GDPR regulations, prioritizing the safeguarding of our customers' data and privacy. Understanding the nuances of where we come from and how we handle data is key when deciding between Vyte and Calendly for your scheduling needs. We're here for any questions you might have – just give us a shout!

2. Propose dates for group meetings

Coordinating a group meeting with multiple participants or attempting to arrange a gathering with your friends, where everyone's schedule aligns, can be a daunting task. The back-and-forth of emails or messages to suggest dates, waiting for responses, and the subsequent need to propose alternative dates can feel never-ending. Recognizing the complexity of this process, we've developed the Group Meeting feature to simplify it for you!

With our all-in-one page, you can effortlessly propose dates. An invitation email is then sent to all attendees, allowing them to vote for the date(s) that suit them best. Once everyone has cast their votes, you can easily confirm the date that works for everyone. An automatic confirmation email, complete with the time, place, and online meeting link, is then sent to all participants.

What used to be a scheduling ordeal involving numerous emails from different individuals has now been streamlined into just two steps: proposing dates and confirming the event. Fast and efficient, wouldn't you agree?
Discover more about our powerful feature here!

3. Tailored Customization

Experience customization at its finest with Vyte. Our platform offers a myriad of customization possibilities, seamlessly integrated with our neat and clean interface. We understand the importance of keeping your brand front and center, ensuring a seamless experience for your clients when booking meetings with you.
Take control with features allowing you to choose a background picture, change the logo, and personalize the URL link. Customize the colors and logo of the confirmation messages sent to your clients, leaving no trace of redirection to a generic booking page. Our aim is to tailor your booking page to your imagination and needs, putting your brand first without any logos from our company.

For our Enterprise clients, we go even further by offering full customization of your domain URL and email templates. Contact us for more information anytime!

4. API

Understanding that companies often have unique requirements or may need to tailor their scheduling systems, Vyte has developed a robust API to facilitate this process. Our API is thoroughly documented and encompasses all the functionalities you might require. Whether you have specific scheduling needs to integrate into your system or if you're seeking assistance with calendar synchronization for your platform, Vyte is here to offer comprehensive solutions. We go beyond the basics to ensure that your scheduling requirements are met.

Our range of scheduling features is designed to cater to diverse needs. If you're unsure about how to synchronize calendars with your platform or if you have other specific requirements, we're confident that we can assist you.Feel free to reach out to us, and let's start a conversation! We are eager to discuss your unique scheduling needs and explore how Vyte can be the solution you're looking for. Don't hesitate to delve into our API documentation for more details and insights. We're here to make scheduling a seamless and tailored experience for your company.

5. Full calendar view or slots view

With Vyte, your customer will have a complete view of your calendar (we keep your availabilities private) in a single shot. Easier, faster, our full calendar will make your scheduling process much smoother and easier for your customers.

As some of you may not want to share a calendar view, you can also configure your Vyte page to display slots sorted by day instead of a calendar of your busy times.

6. Vyte lets you decide on a location for your meeting

As your meeting is scheduled in your calendar, you still need a location for it to happen. Whether it's a physical place (such as restaurant or a conference room) or a digital place (phone, Hangouts, Zoom...), with Vyte, you will be able to set the location and the date of your meetings at the same time.
We take care of all the scheduling process so you don't have to waste any time.

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