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Vyte Page - Schedule meetings

An all-i-one scheduling solution to streamline the workflow of your sales team

More deals, less paperwork

Speed up the sales process by allowing your customers to book their own in-store appointments. Booking is done in a few clicks and appointments are confirmed automatically.

Connect all types of online calendars

With our Google Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, CalDAV, and ICS integrations sync your salespeople's calendars to better manage their schedules and availability.

Showcase your different commercial offers

Create a different booking page for each offer, where you can set the availability and the default appointment duration and location. This will help you efficiently schedule appointments for your different commercial offers.

Manage your sales teams

Share your sales team’s availability and assign customer meetings to the right salesperson according to their workload and expertise on your different commercial offers.

Qualify your prospects with a booking form

Learn more about your customers' needs and desired vehicle by asking them the prequalifying questions before your appointment. Customize a booking form and assign the appointment to the right salesperson based on the answers in the form.

Schedule appointments 10x faster with a simple but powerful booking system

Create a personalized in-store booking experience

Scheduling an appointment is the first opportunity to connect with prospects, so it's an important part of the customer experience. To make the process as smooth as possible, consider customizing the design of your booking page to seamlessly fit into your sales journey. You can define your:

  • Vyte subdomain
  • Logo
  • Background image
  • Email notification colors

Integrate Vyte into your workflow

Connect Vyte to your favorite everyday tools

Expand the capabilities of Vyte by integrating it with thousands of other applications using our integrations with Zapier, Integrately, and Make (Integromat). This will help make Vyte even more seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Add your Vyte page into your website

Make it even easier to book appointments in your car dealership by integrating your Vyte page as (iFrame) on your website. Your clients will be able to schedule their appointment without having to leave your website. Plus, an accessible booking page leads to more appointments booked.

Integrate a powerful planning tool with your CRM

With our Pipeline and Hubspot integrations, combine the power of Vyte with your CRM to keep track of your customers journey.

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