Schedule all your candidate interviews, 10x faster

Candidates can pick their perfect time right from your Vyte page

  • Vyte displays your calendar without showing details of your events.
  • Get rid of the back and forth between your email and your calendar and save several hours per week
  • Vyte makes dooble bookings impossible

Schedule 1-on-1 interviews in a second

  • After sending the invite, the candidate selects one date and one place and the event gets confirmed automatically . If none of the options suits the candidate he can suggest new ones.
  • Accessible from any device and no need to signup

Want to set up group interviews? It was never that simple!

  • Invite as many people as you want. You can also confirm multiple 1-on-1 interviews from one Vyte event.
  • Meeting confirmation is automatically sent to your candidates calendars. No need to send reminders
  • Pre-booked options are cleaned from your calendar. You only keep the final meeting

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